1917 Saber CST-88CSSN (wrwmar0055)

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let op, 2 zeer kleine plekjes op de onderkant van de basket
elk +/- 1mm, nauwelijks zichtbaar, eenvoudig weg te lakken.
verder geen schade of roest

1917 Series
With their deeply blued blades and rich rosewood handles, Cold Steel’s 1917 Series blades are instantly recognizable! These knives and swords all share the same sleek lines and utilitarian, practical design. Evoking a spirit of adventure, from the American Frontier to the High Seas, the 1917 series of swords, sabers, cutlasses and knives are perfect for any historical reenactment group from the 1830’s onward, Cowboy Action Shooters, Civil War or Naval Battle reenactment, even modern military groups.

While not an exact copy of a pre-existing or historical saber, the 1917 Saber has a lot to offer to the modern swordsman. It is essentially a scaled up version of Cold Steel’s Improved 1917 Cutlass (Product No. 88CSH), designed to be an awesome cut and thrust weapon for the battlefield.

The heavy 31 in. (approx 79 cm) blade provides all the reach and cutting power you’re looking for. It is moderately curved, with a short bevel grind and a long narrow fuller. When combined with a short, sharp, clip point, these features make for a very stiff, strong blade capable of delivering fearsome cuts and thrusts while shrugging off abuse that would break a lesser sword.

The 1917 Saber also features a unique 3/4 basket guard providing unparalleled protection for your sword hand. Crafted from heavy gauge steel plate with rolled edges and multiple holes (which won’t admit a sword or dagger point) and deeply blued like the blade, it’s sturdy enough to absorb or shed the most horrendous blows. To match the sturdy guard and help control the awesome blade, the handle is constructed from handsome, durable rosewood scales attached to the full tang via three highly polished brass rivets.

Each saber comes with a handsome black leather scabbard and belt loop with matching frog.

– Blade material: 1055 high carbon steel
– Overall length: approx. 91.4 cm
– Blade length: approx. 78.7 cm
– Blade thickness: approx. 5 mm
– Handle: approx. 12.7 cm long, rosewood
– Weight: approx. 1276 g
– Incl. leather scabbard w/ brass and copper fittings
– Cold Steel Product No.: 88CSSN


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voor elke koolstof stalen mes – dolk of zwaard
Ons advies is deze geolied BUITEN de schede te bewaren
ervaring leert dat messen zwaarden ed, door het vocht en leer worden aangetast en ongemerkt zullen gaan roesten


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